Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Catching Up

So this has been my slowest blog month EVER! I am so sorry but work has been extraordinarily busy and I barely have time to do anything these days. I just looked back for new pictures to post and embarrassingly, there are none! Our poor son has virtually no record of March 2008!
He did spend all of last week with his Nana & Poppa while Daddy and I were in Hawaii. Nana swears she will burn me a copy of the pictures she took but I'll believe it when I see it. Check back for those!

We called Carson every day from Hawaii but he really doesn't talk enough yet to have a conversation. So we heard the same thing every day, hi, mama, dada, bye-bye. Sometimes he'd throw out a: spoon, neigh, poppa, nana, or cool. His vocabulary is getting better and better but very slowly.

According to Nana, Carson was a perfect angel for 8 straight days. We find this extremely hard to believe. But then when we got him back, he must have been saving all of his tantrums and meltdowns for us because he UNLEASHED the fury. Saturday, not so bad. Sunday, HELL. I mean HELL! Our devil child screamed at us and writhed on the floor in pent up frustration. He melted down twice, no three times at the mall and we were THOSE parents with the screaming kid in the $5 taxi car/stroller rental (yes, we forgot the stroller and had to pay an exhorbitant price to rent a mock taxi for our kid). We were about to give him back to Nana & Poppa and get the first flight back to Kauai but he finally went back to his normal self on Monday night. Thank GOD!! Now he's just being cute and adorable.

Speaking of Kauai, no one wants to hear about us but I will tell you that a kid-free vacation is the best!! We went slept in, ate breakfast in peace and quiet, laid by the pool, explored the island by car, drank MANY MANY Mai Tais, ate our lunch in peace, drank more Mai Tais, ate our dinner in peace, and then went to bed early. On Easter Day, Jeremy went on a scuba diving trip while I ran 10.5 miles and then got a massage and facial at the spa! It was heaven!

I will say there are two schools of parents, one whose life revolves around their kid(s) and think that those of us that leave our children behind are cruel and heartless. And then there's us, the parents that miss our previous lives at times and need a little rest and rejuvenation sans child. Hawaii was the perfect cure!

Booz Cruising!

Scuba diving! Smiling!
Canyon viewing!
Silly Posing!
Oh ya, working too! Nothing like selling a house from Hawaii!
Back to Carson, a few funny tales since I am sorely lacking for pictures!

1. Poo is his primary focus- he got his practice potty and loves it! Nothing happening but very "cool" as he told us. This morning he heard my stomach growling, looked at my tummy, and then nodded knowingly at me, "poopoo" he said with authority. It was VERY hard not to laugh at him. He has a book that is called "Who pooped in the park?" given to him by his outdoor loving friend Laurie. It is all about identifying different kind of animal scat or poo as he calls it. Every night when he picks out his 5 bedtime books, he brings me the "poo boo" -translated to poo book for those not in the know. Yesterday at Ian & Jeremy's house, Jeremy heard a very concerned "Uh oh" from the other room. He rushed in to find a piece or splash of poo on the floor and Carson standing perfectly still with a perplexed look on his face. Apparently his diaper had overflowed from every angle. I was just about dying laughing picturing poor Jeremy trying to gingerly pick Carson up and lay him down on the kitchen floor without getting more poo anywhere else. Jeremy said Carson laid perfectly still for the five minutes it took to "de-poo" him. It did require laundry services.

2. Eating- eating is a very frustrating part of the day right now. Carson is still a vegetarian by choice. We have reverted back to sneaking in a couple of jars of baby food each day to try to get meat and veggies in him. If it were up to him, he would eat mac & cheese, yogurt, and graham crackers for every meal. EXCEPT at daycare, where apparently he will eat anything they feed him. Or so his daily report says. I am constantly amazed at the stuff he eats there, green beans, burritos, grilled cheese, tuna, HELLO?!? I guess peer pressure starts early!
3. Getting up early- we are still fighting the early morning wake up call, ranging from 5:15-6. I refuse to give him the binkie for that last hour of sleep so now it's just laying there listening to him cry. UNLESS, Daddy goes in. We discovered last month, that if Jeremy goes in and lays Carson back down, he'll go right back to sleep without a fuss. With me, he screams bloody murder. Had I known Daddy had this HIDDEN talent for the last, oh say, 21 months, we might have divided up the duties a little more evenly. Now Daddy is really sad that he let that cat out of the bag.

That's all for now! Will work on more pictures!!

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