Monday, May 19, 2008

HOT Weekend!

Part of my daily routine is to check out all my favorite "mommy blogs". Everyone had blogged about the ridiculously hot weekend we had and how much fun they had! So I am hurrying to update ours before Carson wakes up! Speaking of waking up, most of you know our battles as of the last three months of Carson waking up at 5:15. Give him a binkie and he'll go back to sleep until 6. We've been experimenting with shorter naps (he'll nap for 2-4 hours!!) and later bedtimes but nothing is working. Randomly yesterday he slept in until 8:45!! Today 7:30!! Yay!

So our record breaking hot weekend with temps at 95, 98, and 96 was very fun! We worked a lot on the yard. One of my uber-sweet clients gave us four trees and several shrubs as a thank you gift! We promptly planted those . . . why promptly? Because for the first time since we became home-owners in 1998, Jeremy and I decided to kick it up a notch this year. We said no thank you to the back breaking work of battling barrels of barkdust! A necessary evil, barkdust, historically has taken us an entire weekend of shoveling and shuttling, not one, not two, but THREE units of barkdust to the far reaching ends of our landscaping.

Not this year! We called in the heavy artillary, BARKDUSTERS! After taking a shot of vodka to steady my hand to write the check, OUCH, we sat back on our recliners, sipped cold beers, and watched a crew of five sweaty men blow three units of barkdust and transform our winter-worn yard into a fresh new vision! We cheered them and felt only a skosh guilty as they cleaned up behind themselves and left without a trace!

Next year, who ya gonna call? Barkdusters!

And now back to playing with the cheapest toy around! A hose and spray gun!!
Watch out Mommy!
Gotcha! (Those are Mommy's knees I'm spraying!)
Jeremy rented a tow-beind tractor sprayer to rid our field, dare I say, pasture, of weeds this year. The plan was working well until he assembled the sprayer and discovered the last renter had broken it and neglected to admit it to the rental company. The rental company, in a hurry to get it to Jeremy, neglected to check it and now Jeremy is having to work twice as hard to spray the field since only one side of the sprayer works! Oops!
Carson woke up wondering where Dada was. I told him to go look out the window (again not really sure if he understood me). Sure enough, he ran down to the bonus room and I found him perched on the couch trying really hard to get his Dada's attention in the field. It was so darn cute!
Daddy! Daddy! I'm up here!
Please Daddy! I'm waving frantically!

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