Friday, May 09, 2008

More Camping Pics- Too cute to not Post!!

Okay, now I'm just a doting mother because these pictures are just soooo cute!!! Borrowed them from Kevin & Kim who took them on our camping trip. Kevin happens to be a paid photographer who has the most amazing eye for photos and a rockin' lens. Jeremy has "lens envy" EVERY time we all hang out. So get ready for some SUPER cute pics!!

I LOVE Bubbles!!!

Blow more mommy!
Finally! Someone my own size!
I meant to do that!
Ummm, chocolate!
Can I get some help over here?
I'm a chick magnet!
I never leave home without my wheelbarrow!Look out! Daddy's on the warpath!
Mommy, why do you always look so mad? Daddy says you need to stop squinting.

I love camping and I love life!

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