Friday, May 09, 2008

Adorable Daycare Story!!

When Carson first started daycare, I really didn't love it but was just okay with it. I felt like there were too many kids and caretakers since it's a double-room. But now, almost 4.5 months later, I love the fact that his caretakers, Miss Rosa, Miss Blanka, & Miss Shashali, all LOVE him. They love it when he arrives, even if he is crying and hanging onto my leg, and they are sad when he leaves. It makes me feel good that he is one of their favorites. I mean, come on, how can he not be ;-)
But I digress, the other day Miss Blanka was so excited to tell me just how darn cute Carson was that day. Apparently, during nap time, he rolled off his cot and snuggled up to the boy next to him. On his pillow no less! The ladies were just beside themselves with the "cute" factor and snapped a picture to capture the moment. Unfortunately when the other little boy woke up and found Carson hogging his pillow, he pushed him right off ;-) What a terrible way to wake up from a nap!

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