Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's A Rarity

It's a rarity for me to say, "I'm bored", but today it's a reality. Carson had a late night with a friend so he slept from 9 pm to 9:45 am when I finally woke him up. So I blogged this morning. Now he's napping to prepare for another night with a friend and I have nothing to do. Are there mundane chores I could be doing? Of course. But it's yet another grey June day and my motivation level is loooow. So I'm blogging again.

We just got back from buying Carson his first bike helmet. I tried getting him one at Fred Meyer but getting the fit right was challenging and I don't want to cheap out my kid's noggin!! So we went to a real bike store and Carson very patiently waited while the man adjusted about a million straps and dials. I was quite surprised he stood still for so long.

It's killing me that I forgot my camera at home!! Carson loved his helmet so much that he refused to let us take it off. We had to go to Starbucks and Walgreens with a helmeted little boy. Did I mention that it is bright red with obnoxious orange and white ducks all over it??
Fortunately he's not smart enough yet to question why on earth we bought him a bike helmet if he doesn't own a bike ;-)

Carson enjoyed playing outside while Daddy did tractor work in the out-0f-control field. That kid could sit on "mo mo" all day and be perfectly happy.
I am the Happiest Toddler on the Block!
My kitty won't leave me alone!
Daddy is the best tractor driver I know! Even if he is the only tractor driver I know!
These ear muffs are way cool!
Do I look like a professional mo mo driver?
Daddy has a fun stick that shoots fire out of it! Maybe some day I'll get to play with it!
I love being outside! Why is it so quiet today?
Thanks for letting us borrow your tractor Poppa!

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