Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny Toddler Moments!

Carson turned 23 months today and he gets funnier by the day! Most car rides are a stream of conversation, albeit somewhat limited. Here are a few examples:

Carson: Neigh
Me: You saw a horse?
C: Yes!
M: (thinking no you didn't)
C: Ziza neigh?
M: Yes, Liza rides a horse.
C: Ga neigh?
M: No, Uncle Jeff does NOT ride a horse.
C: Poppa neigh?
M: Yes, Poppa has a horse.
C: Nana neigh?
M: Yes, Nana likes horses.
C: Dada neigh?
M: No, daddy doesn't have a horse.
C: Mama neigh?
M: Yes, I like horses.

A few minutes later . . .

C: MO MO!!!
M: You saw a mower! Wow! Cool!
C: Moh Momo
M: You saw another mower! Whoa!
C: Dada mo
M: Yes, daddy mows the lawn
C: Poppa mo
M: Yes, Poppa has a mower too.
C: Ga mo
M: Yes, Uncle Jeff mows the lawn too.
C: Ziza mo?
M: Hmm, Aunt Liza? I think she mows the lawn.
C: Nana mo
M: Yes, Nana mows too.
C: Mama mo?
M: No way! Mama does not mow!

It's cute and mind numbing all at the same time. Carson fixates on a word and then runs through each name with the word. Some are definitely questions and some are statements.

Potty training update: The little floor potty seems to be a fun toy right now. He picks up the inner pot and wears it as a hat. And he likes to sit on it but doesn't sit for long. However, he is always very interested in Mommy & Daddy's excellent potty role modeling. The big potty seemed to impress him.

So today I picked up the potty training device that fits into the regular seat, making it smaller and of course it has the all important pee guard. Carson carried the box in from the car and helped me unpack it in the bathroom. He was very excited and wanted his pants off to try it out. We sat for awhile but nothing.

After dinner it looked like he might be ready to "move things along" so we tried the potty again. This time I read him books and he sat there so long that he got ring around the butt! Sadly, nothing. But that's okay. I let him run around naked for a few minutes while his bath filled up.

Our timing was so close! Carson was standing outside the tub, leaning in to grab a toy and suddenly sounded very surprised, "Uh Oh!" and pointed down. He had peed on the floor. I was so excited and explained that it was pee and I was so proud of him. However in my head I was screaming, Don't touch it! Step away from the pee!!

He played in the bath for awhile, then when the water was almost all the way drained, he decided to drain too! I could see pee shooting up through the water. I knocked the toy out of his hand to show him the pee coming out. He was absolutely facinated!! Staring down until it ended, he looked up at me expectedly, "Moh!". His face was so earnest and excited! "Moh!" As if I could make more pee come out. When I told him that he had to do it, he instantly grabbed Mr. Peepers and pulled to milk out a little more pee. When that didn't work, he squished his ball sack in hopes the pee might come out. I was laughing my buns off!!

Art update: I tried giving Carson a tray of shaving cream to play with. He was disgusted that I would let him make a mess. He obviously does not take after me since I can make a mess in 5 second flat. Notice the tears in several of the pictures!

This is NOT how Dada does it!
Mess Mama Mess!
Yup, that's a mess!
Get it off me! Now!

Carson FINALLY got the courage and know-how to operate the battery powered tractor that his Great Aunt Kiki got him for Christmas. I should say that the know-how came first but it scared the be-jesus out of him! This week he grew a pair and is LOVING the tractor. Unfortunately, our house is bearing the brunt of the learning curve for steering (no pun intended). Drywall is now missing from walls, our wood is scratched, and the dressor is dented.
We had to limit him to the home theater room to minimize damage and that caused him to totally lose it! He cried for a good five minutes.

Once the weather gets nice, we’re hoping it will work outside on the grass ;-)
Here are the first attempts:

Here is the next attempt:

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