Monday, June 02, 2008

Trying to Get Organized

A lot of people think that I am very organized. I am flattered that I give off that impression but those that know me well, know that I (as much as I hate to admit it), am a PILER. I inherited this terrible trait from my loving mother who is the queen of collections, master of paper mountains, and overall, champion piler.
I am quite postive that my sister also recieved the gene that causes any horizontal surface to become covered by stacks of "to be filed" piles. This, of course, is much to the dismay of my very organized father and equally clean husband.

90% of the time I can find exactly what I am looking for in my carefully orchestrated stacks. What may look like extreme chaos to the untrained eye, is actually a system with classifications. To be filed, to be looked through later, to be turned in, to be read, to be recycled (yes, this is one pile that ought to be dealt with right way), to be shredded, to be shared, etc. etc.
So with the encouragement and support of my client and friend, Tessa, who became a professional organizer after leaving teaching, I am working on implementing more systems and ways to make my life easier and more organized.

The first task was Carson's clothes. He only has three drawers and I have a shopping addiction. And now we have winter and summer clothes to squish into a small space. AND his clothes get bigger and bigger so I have less and less room! Tessa showed me a great way to rotate through Carson's clothes!

Instead of stacking them into . . . wait for it . . . PILES, I should turn them on their side and line them up. That way you can see them easily all at once! Plus you could even start from one side and add clean laundry to the other side, just like going through a deck of cards. I'm only in week one so hopefully I can keep it up! But so far I'm loving it!

Pants on the left and shorts on the right! lined up like little soldiers! I probably should check with Tessa to see if it makes more sense to do one row of shorts and one row of pants! For some strange techno reason, Blogger keeps importing this picture sideways. I've tried 5 different ways to correct but am now giving up. Turn your laptop sideways to view this very organized drawer of sweaters, long sleeve, & short sleeve shirts. Obviously not arranged by color but by type!
Thank goodness we don't have a girl! She would have WAY too many shoes! This is too many many shoes even for a boy (there are three more pairs in the closet). But Carson's feet stopped growing and I am growing bored with the same pairs over and over!
Tessa even suggested larger and more baskets for Carson's books! Fred Meyer timed its storage/container sale perfectly!
Now if only she could tackle my home office! Notice the empty file folder rack and the pile of files in front of it!! Maybe I should add a disclaimer here: if you are my client or future client and reading, do NOT panic! I know where everything is!!

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