Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unfortunate Event

This is a post to save any other mom's from the same unfortunate, painful event that I brought on myself yesterday.

Carson was such a trooper yesterday as I dragged him to four of my listings delivering flyers and posting up sale pending stickers. It was sunny out and sitting in his carseat was the last thing either of us wanted. But being a working mommy is all about compromise. So I promised him we would find a park as soon as we were done.

Good to my word, we jumped out of the car and chased each other up and down the steps and slides of a local playground. It was going great until we attempted the highest, longest slide. Here's the critical piece of information you need to understand what was about to happen.

We had gone straight from working out with Baby Boot Camp to working to the playing in the park. I was still wearing my small, silky Nike running shorts. You would think these would make me slide down the slide faster, making for an enjoyable ride.

Oh yes, I was sliding fast on my silky shorts until they rode right up my keister and my bare sweaty butt skin caught on the plastic slide like a frog's tounge to a fly. Only 115 pounds of human body was no match for one inch of bare skin stuck to plastic! YEEOOWW!!!

I am now left with an incredibly painful raspberry right on the skin that turns from thigh to butt cheek.

I recommend you never, ever visit the park after working out. If you do, stay away from the slides!!!

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