Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

Kicked off the day at Luka's 2nd birthday party. Fantastic playground and picnic area! Camp Rivendale off of Grabhorn Rd in case any locals want to check it out! Rubber matting instead of bark chips!

Bubbles and grapes! What more could a guy ask for?!
Happy Birthday Luka! I know you're there somewhere!
Cupcakes!! Cupcakes!!
I love cupcakes!
Oh boy! This is my lucky day! Watermelon too!?!
Higher Daddy higher!
Slides make AWESOME hairdos!
And later in the evening, we had dinner with Nana & Poppa. Too young for a full-fledged 4th of July fireworks show so we settled for poppers and sparklers!
Sparklers aren't nearly as fun during the broad daylight but it was still pretty cool!

Random picture: Carson thought it was absolutely hilarious when Daddy fed him yogurt by holding onto his spoon with giant tongs.

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