Friday, July 04, 2008

Battle of the Binkie is Over

I am hyper-sensitive to the Binkie, or as Carson calls it, Bo-boo. For those that follow the blog, Carson only gets his binkie for naptime. But we went through stretch of 2-4 months (it's been so long that I lost count), where Carson would wake up at 5:15 or 5:30 am. If I took a binkie in, he would sleep another hour or two. But I got tired of getting up early and couldn't fall back asleep. Then summer came along and the sun shining through the cracks in his window made falling asleep harder. He'd lay awake in his bed from 7:30 to 9 or 10 pm sometimes.

Here is where some parents might say, "so what?" But this continual shortening of his sleep was making for one CRANKY boy during the day. Our boy needs his sleep or we might consider adopting him out.

On vacations, whether it be camping or staying in a hotel, Carson always gets the Binkie at night because it helped him sleep better. But then we'd get home and we'd ALL go through two nights of Binkie withdrawal.

So I finally gave in. Some of you are probably shaking your heads in disgust and will tell others that I am a big fat wimp. Others will stand up and applaud because I have experienced what I like to call "the bigger picture".

This means that I know he will eventually give it up. He will not show up on the first day of kindergarten with that addictive piece of rubber and plastic in his lunch box. He does not walk around with it and knows that he only gets it in his crib for "night-night".

But it does mean, that for three weeks now, we have LOVED our well rested, funny, silly, happy boy. The tantrums are down to maybe one a day if at all. No more hourly breakdowns. He goes to sleep instantly at 7:30 and usually sleeps in until 7:30. He wakes up saying "mama" instead of crying.

Jeremy and I are happier because we are getting more sleep and don't have to deal with a crabby crabpot!


Carson now points out BEER in the grocery store & BOOBOOs at Target (which is a combo word for boobies/bra). He is learning to pee but if nothing comes out he spreads his legs, grabs his penis, stretches it out, and says "pisssssssssss". I am still in awe of the things that he says and does with NO INSTRUCTION whatsoever. If I do find out that someone taught him to say "pisssss", I will shoot them.

Carson was diaper free this morning due to a breakfast catastrophe. We looked over just in time to see him peeing all over his John Deere trailer. He was facinated! I, of course, clapped and woohooed like any proud mom. Daddy however was horrified and yelled at me to grab him mid-stream and rush him to the toilet. Absolutely not! Never interrupt a pee!

Three word sentences are quite common now and very exciting! It's hard not to compare him to his friends who might be counting, speaking clearly and identifying colors. But he is our super special dude!

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