Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are SO "that guy"!!

Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease Update:

Last week: Only 1 reported transmission of HFMD. In the three hours before Carson was officially diagonosed with HFMD, he played with my client's children during her new construction walk-thru. They played hide and seek, stole chips from each other and held hands. Carson just adores Eva!

Five days later I got the call no mother (or business woman) wants to get. In the middle of moving into her new home, my poor client discovered that her daughter had contracted the dreaded disease! AND her daughter was at daycare so who knows how many more were exposed! Nothing like trying to move into your new home with a sick 3 year old underfoot!

Today: The sign was still up on the door of Carson's classroom at daycare. "BEWARE to all who enter, this room has a confirmed case of HFMD" I cringe every time I walk by it knowing we are the cause.

Well, this afternoon, a substitute teacher wearing latex gloves asked Carson to show her his hands before he left. I stupidly asked if they were doing a messy art project . . . no she says, we have to check for HFMD. I was mortified, I instantly had to admit that Carson was the originator. That's when I realized the latex gloves were to protect her from the evil illness.

Then I innocently asked the question . . . did anyone else come down with it? Hoping, wishing, praying the answer was no.

Not one, not two, but TEN! TEN cases of HFMD!!!!!!

I could have died!! Seven cases in Carson's toddler room and three cases in the infant room next door. I felt so terrible!!!!!

We are so that guy!

For anyone reading my blog whose children have not contracted this lovely disease yet, here is some light reading on the subject in case you get suspicious! It is in the top 10 most common childhood rashes.


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