Monday, August 04, 2008

Camping at the Coast

Yes, we were camping yet again! Each trip gets easier as we work out the kinks. This trip had its share of ups and downs.

The Ups: Amazing authentic Thai food cooked by Grandma Rader (tempura, pork & beef shishkabobs with peanut sauce, and some sort of special soup), beautiful weather, and lots of clam digging).

The Downs: Carson woke up at 2:45 AM Saturday morning screaming. Nightmare, teething, who knows. But he didn't go back to sleep or stop screaming until 10ish. Jeremy and I were exhausted and crabby. The DVD player worked overtime for 4 hours straight just to keep Carson from waking up the whole campground.

Speaking of the DVD player, we had a tragic accident. Apparently you should NEVER store it on the back of the stove. I was cooking a breakfast casserole Saturday morning and Jeremy smelled a strange plastic burny odor. He caught it before a full fledge melt down but the DVD player melted through the nylon bag due to the oven exhaust fan blowing 350 degree air on it for 45 minutes straight. PAINFUL in so many ways. $120 down the drain. No more car entertainment.
But we do have great pictures of the weekend!

Just discovered my new box of camping toys! All diggas!
This is one of my silly new faces!
My happy face (mommy and daddy have no idea it's about to disappear for the next 24 hours)
Mommy Beer Me Digga
I am getting so much better on my bike!
Smile Grandpa! You're eating tempura while camping!
I'm eating popcorn and watching a movie before bedtime so everyone else can eat dinner without me getting in the way.
I never ever let go of my new digga!
Self portrait with daddy!
Family portrait!
Aquarium time!
Clam digging time!
Mommy only holds the shovel.
Super cool bridge!
Shells! Lotsa shells!

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