Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oaks Park Play Day

This is a MUST DO event for everyone with small kids (or a secret love of amusement parks). Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Oaks Park, the kiddie rides are open from 9:30-11:30 for the bargain price of $6/kid and adults are free.

Carson, Ian, my mom and I met Aimee, Kinley, and Aimee's mom at 9:30 and the fun began!

First up: Merry Go Round! We did it twice because it was so fun! Ian wasn't so sure the mechanics of the ancient machine were working right so he sat in the seat to be safe.
Next up! Motorcycle ride! Very loud and very fast! Carson had a blast. Ian was still warming up.
Ian decided to try the car ride and loved it!
Rockets - Ready, Aim, Fire!
Right back at ya!
Carson was riding backward so he could face Ian.
Finally, a ride for Nana and Mommy too! This crazy machine was gyroscope of sorts that went back and forth (up and down) on a u-shaped track and then started spinning around while it went back and forth. A little queezy afterward!
Who's that big kid in the middle? This ride took us all the way up and then bounced us back down. It's called the Frog Hopper.
Up up up!
Darn camera ran out of batteries!

Seventh ride: The Roller Coaster. As we stood in line, the ride looked a little herky-jerky for lack of a better term. It actually looked like the riders were getting whiplash in one section. Our turn. I rode with Ian and my mom rode with Carson. The first up-hill and turn was fun. The first down-hill was fun.
But then from behind me, I heard blood-curdling screaming. You would have thought we were on the Matterhorn at Disneyland. I looked back and it was coming from my mother. They were screams of glee with a tough of terror. It completely FREAKED Carson out. He lost and was crying. I yelled at her to stop screaming. BAD NANA!!

Ian was screaming with laughter! He thought it was the best thing ever! The ride actually lifted us out of our seats several times. I hung on to Ian's arm and Carson buried his face in my mom's armpit.

Eighth ride: CREEPY ride through a dark building with a moth eaten giant motorized bear and an Indian hanging from a chain. It was awful and we all wanted to get off it right away.

We hit the Merry go round one more time and Ian sat on a giant frog this time! He went up and down and said "up down up down" the whole time. Carson sat next to him on a giant rooster.

Finally we rode the train around the park. Best $12 I've ever spent ;-)

We had a GREAT time! They are sound asleep now probably dreaming of thrills!

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