Thursday, August 21, 2008

Future Actor Or Salesman

Carson's pediatrician predicted that Carson will either be a salesman or actor when he grows up. I can't disagree. The kid is wired for an audience. We can only hope that he is so good at it that he can help us retire early and is the lap of luxury!

While camping last weekend, we heard a muffled, "Mommy, mommy". The three mommy's looked over to see Carson proudly smirking with a cigarette hanging out of his lips. In true smoking style no less! How on EARTH did he know what it should look like? We don't smoke, he's not around people that smoke?!? While the other moms gagged and dove for their hand sanitizer, I about died laughing and dove for the camera. Unfortunately there are no pictures to capture the horrific image.

Some well meaning (or really pissed off) relative sent Carson a TWELVE PIECE BAND SET for his birthday. The UPS driver had no idea where it came from. No note in the box either. What cruel and unusual punishment for his mommy and daddy! I mean really!

Last week when it was still hot (I post this after 4 straight days of rain, in August no less), we tried out the Sunset wading pool! Very fun and the second best $6 I've ever spent (Oaks Park $6 still trumps all others).

Apparently Carson knows that Poppa has a mustache. He found a shaping mold for a mustache in his Play-doh set and insisted that I make one for him. He kept wiping his upper lip and saying, "Poppa, poppa!".

Today he insisted on wearing his new fireman raincoat. Firetruck in Carson language is "woo woo truck". He coupled it with his "digga hat" for a perfect look. His teachers wrote on his school report card today that he wouldn't take them off until nap time. He still had the hat on when I picked him up today.

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