Monday, August 25, 2008

Caught the Big One

Boys will be boys. Most everyone knows I tend to be on the "let 'em figure it out" end of the parenting spectrum. I don't cut Carson's grapes, I let him climb ladders, and he has fallen off the chair more than once. However, I do push knives away from the edge of the counter, keep the cleaning chemicals in a locked cabinet, and freak out if he runs into the parking lot without holding my hand.

But that being said, we live in the country. There are a larger than normal number of hazards for our curious young son. Our barn is probably the most dangerous place to be with tools, chemicals, 12 foot high shelving, a woodstove, and more. We do not leave him alone in there, ever.

But yesterday was the perfect example of how you can't protect your children at all times. We were all in the barn. Jeremy and I were fussing over a broken weed whacker and heard a loud SNAP. Then a pitiful wail.

There stood Carson with his arms slightly outstretched, looking very confused, as a mouse trap had his tiny finger in a vise grip.

I jumped higher and faster than the USA track and field team, over tractors, edgers, and a Halloween decoration with visions of a severed finger ... on ice.... in a cooler ... on the way to the hospital.

No blood, not even a mark, and Carson simply said with an impish smile, "Moh".

No wonder we haven't caught any freaking mice!

Be sure to check out Carson's 2 year portraits! Not sure how much longer they'll be posted.
Go to and enter the Portrait Site. Click on CLIENTS. The password is carson

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