Sunday, August 17, 2008


This weekend found us camping yet again this summer. This time in Toll Bridge Park 17 miles south of Hood River in nearly record breaking heat.

I am not ashamed to admit that we camp in the lap of luxury! We ran our AIR CONDITIONING 24 hours a day for the 100+ degree weather. Our 15 inch flat screen TV played DVD's for early morning wake up calls. And I toasted toast in an electric toaster.

We enjoyed great company with the Roth & Larson families! It was the Roth's first trip camping with their daughter Kinley and she exceeded all of our expectations! She slept like a champ in the tent despite record breaking heat. Sydney & Kinley turn 2 in the first week of September and talked circles around Carson.

My favorite quote of the weekend was Kinley comforting Carson when he was crying: "Are you okay honey? Do you need hugs?"

Our boil-in-a-bag omlettes turned out pretty darn well for a first try. Every meal was scrumptious and the drinks were free flowing.

This was by FAR the dirtiest camping trip we've EVER experienced! It was absolutely filthy!

Carson shared his dining room table with the ladies
Can it get any hotter?
Thank goodness for an $8 pool!
Clothing optional!
Cards for three, sorry Carson, you're too young! Step away from the rum!
It's MY TURN!!!!
Don't you need a push?
I don't have a mustache! It's dirt, I swear.

We are little angels.
Aimee and Tiffany rallying the troups!
Sharing canteloupe with a little dirt.
But why? Why do I need a bath?
Before bath time, the tub was just for fun.

Preston & Jeremy enjoying Joe's Ladder Golf game.
Super messy
Our outdoor shower came in quite handy, and in fact was the only way we could get the kids hosed down enough to get them in bed. Twice a day in fact, once for naps and once for bed.

Stop! Shower time!
I'm liking this!
This is the more lady-like version of getting hosed down.

Man down!
And then on the way home, we couldn't figure out why he was so quiet.
Carson fell asleep while reading his book.

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