Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Driver's License Required

We are lucky enough to have a HUGE field for our ridiculous collection of motorized, pint-sized vehicles. They were all gifts from doting relatives and we love them. I just don't think Carson has any idea how lucky he is!

Driving Miss Eloise

Every girl needs a John Deere!
Andrew wasn't convinced that toddlers should be driving so he galloped away on the pony.
Dinner for three!
Notice, Andrew is perfectly clean after his dessert. Not a trace of chocolate.
Miss Eloise has a tiny speck of chocolate in the corner of her lip but her hands are clean enough to keep playing.
And then there is Carson. Where did I go wrong?

This video is hilarious. I know I always say that but this one really is. As always, turn it up. You have to watch it twice. Once watching Carson and once watching Eloise. Just precious.

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