Monday, September 01, 2008

Epic Labor Day Weekend

While everyone in Portland suffered in the downpours and hail, we basked in the sun on the Oregon Coast. How's that for crazy weather!

Three days of crabbing, three hours at a time, with only 6 crabs to show for all our hard work. Enough for an appetizer but not for a meal!

Carson did very well on the boat considering he had to sit still for the longest period of his entire short life. The first day on the boat he wasn't too sure about it but quickly learned to chant, "Go Daddy Go! Faster! Faster" to encourage his father to pull the crab pots in quickly. The second day on the boat wasn't quite as exciting for him. It was like he knew he was trapped with no where to go. Fortunately the dock wasn't too far away and he and I were dropped off when his whining reached it's highest octaves.

We had two very exciting milestones on this trip.

First, on Saturday evening, Carson entered the "mockingbird" phase of toddler-hood. He is now repeating everything we say, not always accurately but he sure gives it a try. It also means we really have to cut back on the cuss words. "Oh Shoot" was shouted out Sunday night and he really did a fine job shouting it back to me. Thank goodness it was just shoot.

Second, after 2 months of walking around on his LikeABike (glider bike), Carson figured out how to balance on it! It is the most amazing thing to watch and we are almost as excited as when he took his first steps. To see a 26 month old toddler gliding around on a bike really stops people in their tracks. He was the hit of the park!

First short glides:

And then we took him to the top of the hill:

For those who are shaking their heads wondering where his helmet is . . . he has one. I just didn't pack it because I had NO idea he was so close to figuring the whole thing out!! From now on, he will wear it!

Will post pictures from the trip tomorrow!

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