Friday, August 29, 2008


This morning I asked Carson if he wanted milk or water with breakfast. He responded, "Beer".

Wednesday in REI a gentleman about 20 feet away sneezed. Carson, while playing on a bike, shouted, "Blessssss You". He also says Bless You to himself after his own sneezes.

When Cousin Thomas woke up from his nap today, Carson said, "Baby Gogas wake".

Carson tried to pee in the potty today. Really tried. I even offered him a marshmellow for a pee in the potty. Nothing. So he hopped off and proceeded to pee in the bathtub and excitedly asked me for his prize of a ..... mustache. Perhaps we need to work on his phonics.

Yesterday was Carson's last day at the YMCA daycare. I walked in, leaned my head in to say good-bye to the director for the final time. She got up from her desk with her head down and I thought she was going to try to convince me to stay. Nope. Instead she simply said, "Carson got bit today . . . in the face."

I had no other option than to laugh and respond, "Are you aware that I'm picking him up early today because we are headed to meet a professional photographer for a an extended family portrait." Of all days.

The photographer assured me he could airbrush out the black eye and full dention bruise over his checkbone. I then asked him if he could also airbrush me larger breasts.

On Carson's last day, his four main care providers all happened to be on shift when I picked him up. I thought I would be okay but within minutes we were all crying. They were heartbroken that he was leaving and made him a good-bye book. Miss Blanka carried him all the way out to the car and even buckled him in. I thought for a moment that she was going to get in the car with us and head over to his new school.

Carson was very excited to visit his new school today. All day long he kept saying, "Nu Sku". He was in love with his nu sku because they had a "monta truk" (monster truck), a "digga", (digger)and a tool bench. He is also excited because he gets to wear pull ups at nu sku. Personally I think they're just a pain in the neck because you have to pull his pants entirely off to get the next on one. But if this helps with potty training, I'm ALL FOR IT!!

We're headed out to the beach for Labor Day weekend and for three days all Carson can talk about is Beach, Wa-wa (water), Boots, and Boat. Let's hope the weather holds because I cannot imagine being in a boat, in the water, in the rain, with a two year old. But I am very excited for fresh crab and clams! However, I will be skipping the BBQ'd oysters.

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