Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Wet, The Brown, and The WHAT?!?

Today was quite the day! Carson's fourth day at daycare and not only has he peed every day in the potty, today they reported that he POOPED in the potty!!! He was so exited to show me his "Star Sticker" peepee chart! For every peepee, he gets a new sticker. Apparently for poop in the potty, he gets a jelly bean or "Gegeebeen" as he told me.

We talked about it whole way home. He also happened to drink a lot of water on the way home. I asked him if he wanted to try his potty at home. Sure enough, not only did he sit there, he peed!!

Did I ever think I'd get so excited about pee and poop and use multiple exclamation points after the word peed? Nope. But it sure is cool!

I did make the fatal mistake of promising Carson a jelly bean if he peed. He lived up to his end of the bargain. Unfortunately I did not live up to mine. We don't have any jelly beans. I offered him mini marshmellows. No good. I offered him a cookie. Nope. The best I could do was offer him a gummy vitamin. He clearly saw through my sham but couldn't turn down the gummy. Crisis averted. Note to self, add jelly beans to the grocery list.

We called Nana immediately so Carson could tell her he peepeed. Only we had a minor/major miscommunication via speaker phone and poor Nana started screaming.

Apparently instead of "Peepee potty Nanny me" (which I heard very clearly), poor Nana heard, "Baby, baby, Nanny".

It took me a second to figure out why a little pee made her freak out (oops) and calm her down. No, Carson wasn't telling her that he was going to have a baby brother or sister. Just pee in the potty. Sorry Nana.

But then things in the potty department took a turn for the worse. Carson usually pees after about a minute in the tub. No pee this time. However, he did start tooting while squating.

I laughed as he told me "Me toot Mommy".

I giggled as I watched the bubbles come up through the bubble bath.

I snickered, recalling my other mommy friends blogging about their turd in the tub situations.

All hilarity ceased as a small brown object bobbed among the bubbles.


I will spare you the pictures.

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