Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My! Oh, and a Firetruck!

Big day in toddlerland! Zoo in the morning and a trip to the firestation after naptime!

If you look very carefully, there is a tiger in the background!
Mouse wrangling!
Cheesy cheesy grin!
Line was too long to see the baby elephant so we hopped on the camel instead.
Another cheesy grin for the monkeys
Practicing to be monkeys!
I'm so cool!
Help please!
Sand, sand, and more sand!
Enjoying one of the last sunny days!
Fire station fun! Max, Mason, Carson, Ian, and Abe LOVED every minute of their adventures at the fire station! From climbing in the truck to sitting in the driver's seat to holding the water hose, it will fill their dreams for weeks to come! Thanks Jeremy (volunteer captain & Ian's daddy) at the Skyline Station for letting us play!

When I grow up......
Mommy, I'm never leaving! (Max)
This just feels right! (Mason)
Mason is such a climber!!
Authentic firehat to boot!

Da boys!
Luckiest boys ever!
Look out! Abe's in charge of the hose!
More! More! More!

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