Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eloise's Halloween Party

Miss Eloise hosted her second annual Halloween party. Carson was a gracious guest, eating the snacks, playing with her toys, and frosting her cookies (that isn't how it sounds).

Nemo snacking away
Apparently fish can ride bikes!
The hostess with the mostess! Who much to her parents dismay, decided 2 minutes before the party to completely disrobe, throw her costume on the floor, and refuse to be a princess for the party. Nevermind that she wore the costume every day up until the party!
Carson didn't quite understand that the frosting was supposed to go ON the cookie. Instead it went straight into his mouth!!
Finally, frosting ON the cookie.
This adorable, precious little girl LOVED the frosting.
No more Nemo! Just a plain old dude in black.

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