Friday, October 31, 2008

First Trick Or Treating . . . Amid Cubical Walls

I'm sure I'm going to get booed out of town but we didn't take Carson trick or treating tonight. We really don't let him have candy so I couldn't bear the thought of him collecting a bag full and then taking it away.

Instead I spent $13 creative dollars at The Dollar Tree. I ran around like crazy at Nana's office today distributing the loot to unsuspecting office workers. Carson and Nana then went up and down cubical aisles trick or treating.

He also trick or treated at my office and the title company next door.

Fun was had by all!

Nana, are you sure this is how it works?
Thank you!

See my lucky fin?
This is fun but shouldn't I be knocking on doors?
Oh cool!
I love being Nemo!

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