Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Panini Disaster & Potty Training Wisdom

We finally purchased our long sought after Panini Press. Nothing fancy, just the Target special. First experiment went dreadfully wrong. Do not EVER think it is smart to try to grab a piece of sizzling cheese off the hot grill!!

I greedily flung the crunchy morsel toward my mouth before anyone could catch me in the act. Unfortunately it landed on my chin, and proceeded to blister my skin a dark shade of purple. Three days later people are still staring at me like a leper.

That was my advice for the day.

On the receiving end, we were advised by fellow toddler, potty training parents (thanks Hooks) that the adorable "little" potty we have been using is EVIL and DIRTY.

I have questioned why in the many potty training books Carson is reading that it shows the little boy picking up the little potty to dump the pee and/or poo in the big toilet. I mean really! Can you picture a two year old walking around with a bowl of urine!! We always try to skip over that page so he doesn't get any ideas.

This weekend Carson sat on Andrew's little potty during the football game and Eloise kept him company on the big potty (since she is officially potty trained- whoohooo Eloise!!!). Eloise's mommy informed me that there is nothing worse than having to clean poo out of the little potty. It doesn't fit, and shouldn't go, in the dishwasher. Just typing that makes me want to gag.

While pee is easy to pour out, no amount of scraping, squishing, bleaching, or otherwise gets the nasty poo smell out of the little potty. Nevermind the gross factor of hoping that it all makes it in, in the first place.

So following the sage advice of seasoned potty trainers, we are bumping it up a notch and working toward the big potty much sooner than anticipated. Carson is enjoying it more than he did two months ago and likes the idea of flushing as a reward. "Bye bye pee pee" he shouts and then runs for his "gege bean".

Tonight as I fastened his diaper for bedtime, he told me "potty mama". I thought he was trying to stall bedtime but took him in anyway. And bless his heart, he really had to pee!! I am so looking forward to diaper free days!! Now if only we could speed through the poo part!

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