Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Update to the potty training situation . . . poop on the big potty tonight! Never thought #2 could be so exciting or so celebrated! We are sooooo grateful to our potty training mentors who suggested moving away from the little potty. Clean up was easy and painless!

Now I could use some suggestions as to the BKM for BM wiping! Trying to squeeze a wipe between two tightly clenched cheeks of a standing boy clearly is not it.


Quite suddenly last night we were infiltrated by monsters around every dark corner, behind every door, even on the couch! Some are friendly, some are scary, and most are Sully. Sully in case you aren't familiar with Disney, is the lovable, afable blue hair monster from Monsters Inc. Carson points out a new monster about once an hour.

Not sure how to handle this so we just say hi to the monster and tell him thanks for keeping Carson company. One even ate lunch with us today.

There was one actual monster in the boxes of Halloween decorations that we unloaded today. Last year Carson would wave and say hi to the monster every time he walked by him. This year Carson studied him warily and proclaimed MONSTER!! Maybe we'll leave him in the box this year.

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