Saturday, November 29, 2008

Perpetual Poop Humor

Okay- FOURTH post in one day but I can't let this last tidbit slide by.

We watched Civil War today at the Schulz's home along with Aunt Liza & Uncle Ga. An 8 year old girl and her 10 year old brother were fantastic with Carson and kept him very busy.

However, we did still have to check in with them frequently to make sure Carson didn't forget to use the potty. I didn't blog about our potty blunders on Thanksgiving but let's just say that his first day without a nap and surrounded by 11 other children did NOT do us any favors in the potty training arena.

At any rate, Carson had many tries at the potty during Civil War. He proudly called "Uncle" Matt in to show him the ways. Uncle Matt was unduly impressed with the distance Carson could shoot!

Then the kicker. Cole, the 10 year old boy, yelled down that Carson pottied. I ran upstairs as fast as I could to catch him in time (fully anticipating that I had missed it and would be tossing yet another pair of $2.50 underpants).

Breathless at the top of the stairs, I lurched to grab Carson (who by the way was fully clothed and running around) and quickly quizzed Cole.

Me: Does he need to pee?
Cole: Nope. I took him already.
Me: You did? Wow! That's fantastic! Thank you! Did he pee?
Cole: Nope. He pooped.
Me: He what? He pooped? Really? Okay. Did you wipe him?
Cole: Nope.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See line above about Carson running around fully clothed, then use your imagination).
Meet my new BFF's, Cole & Eva!

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