Thursday, November 13, 2008

Public Toilets, Locked Restrooms, & Aiming

Day 4.5 of Potty Training!! Going very well!

Sun. Day 0.5- One poopy accident

Mon. Day 1- First whole day in underpants, one pee accident. Not bad, especially considering he was at Ian's all day and Jeremy had to take the reins on day one! Way to go Davis's! It's your turn next!!

Tues. Day 2- School day, no accidents AND his nap time pull up stayed dry AND his overnight diaper stayed dry!! Wow! And TWO public toilets!! Wow!! Fortunately we discovered Carson does not have any phobias of public restrooms. One scary moment when Carson said "poopy" in the car on the way home . . . I turned at the next street and pulled into a friend's driveway. Called to see if they were home (lights on and 7 pm), however no one answered. Thanks a lot Darren!!! Apparently he saw I was calling and decided to let it go since he knew it was for his wife (who was putting the kids to bed). Fortunately I discovered that Carson was just tooting, no imminent poop so we made it all the way home.

Wed. Day 3- School day, one poopy accident (thank goodness for cheap Walmart underpants- just toss them).

Thurs. Day 4- So far so great! No accidents. We did have a moment of panic when the public restrooms were locked. I tried and tried to get Carson just to pee standing up. Aim at the bush I suggested. However, he would have NOTHING to do with that. I yelled over in desperation to my fellow Baby Boot Campers, "WHAT DO I DO????" Fortunately, right then an employee walked by and unlocked the bathroom for us! Phew!

Only other snafu we keep having is that the darn pee shoots right over the bowl. At school, they have him hold his penis down but with me he was trying to balance on several unfamiliar (and rather large) public toilets. First I tried making a pee-block with my fingers. Terribly gross and unnerving. Not a long term solution.

Then today I tried pushing it down myself. Clearly I do not know how the parts work because I didn't push it down enough and ended having to use the finger pee-block again. More wet underpants. Poor guy! I'll be googling for help when I finish this post!

Overall, we are soooo excited by this progress and looking forward to the final phase of independence. However, we are scared to death of long plane rides, long car rides, long lines, locked toilets, and the morning he wakes up at 5 am because he has to pee. Such begins our newest adventure in parenting!

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