Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miralax . . . Can't live with it, Can't live without it!

Miralax and potty training REALLY don't go well together. Carson takes a dose every other day to help keep things moving along. However, his bowels are greatly affected by everything he eats.

Some days no poop. Other days, seven poops (that set the record).

This morning went by fairly uneventfully.

The evening turned into a Miralax nightmare.

Playdate with Luke and Max from 3:45-5:15, fun! Pee in the potty twice!

Ride home with Luke, fantastic.

Luke inviting Carson in to play, adorable.

Me talking with Luke's dad in the kitchen . . . Luke walks up, "Kristin, Carson needs to poop."

Me running up the stairs as fast as I can behind a four year old to catch a two year old in time.

Me running into the playroom just in time to see an all too familiar scrunched up face.

Me trying not to barf in the bathroom, peeling diarrhea filled underpants off. Note to me, next time get scissors and CUT them off. Legs, socks, and kneepits covered in poo. At someone else's house!!!

Kind Luke donated a pair of his precious Lightening McQueen underpants to Carson, who happily ran off to continue playing.

Me handing over a disgusting mess of underpants, poo, and baby wipes to Luke's laughing father.

Ride home in underpants and t-shirt, cold.

Two more pees in the potty and then . . .

"Mommy, me poopy" . . . running to the bathroom, only to discover that 2 year olds cannot hold diarrhea in long enough to get to the toilet.

Me screaming for back up. Me gagging. Daddy gagging. Poo EVERYWHERE! Carson dancing around the bathroom, footprints of poo on the white tile. Where are those scissors?! Luke is definitely NOT getting these underpants back. Sorry Luke.

I think we'll skip the Miralax tomorrow and hope for things to back up a little, just a little.

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  1. Aaaaah! Holy cow, that's hilariously gross! We're never potty training....


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