Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning (2nd of 4 Christmases)

We were sad to have missed our trip to California this year but did enjoy being home for Santa to arrive on Christmas morning. He flew in during the night in spite of the fact we don't have a fireplace.

My guess is that he realized that we never hooked up our down draft oven. Oh yes, after almost 5 years, it still vents directly into the crawlspace. Thank goodness Santa could shimmey up instead of down.

Carson's new train table is HUGE. Ridiculously HUGE. Which led us to sign a contract on an addition to our home. Which led us to refinance our current home. Which led us to a tight budget for the next 30 years. Damn train table!

This thing is bottomless!
I'm about to explode!!
Batteries! Everything requires batteries!
I love Christmas!!

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