Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve (First of Four Christmases)

Okay- finally finding time to catch up the blog!!

Christmas Eve - our first ever at Aunt Liza & Uncle Ga's house! They were kind enough to host since "up on the hill" we'd all been without power for three days.

We piled into the Suburban, loaded all the presents and food in . . . made it to the gate and realized that the roast was still in the fridge. Turned around (reminder we're chained up due to 3 feet of snow) and traveled the quarter mile back down the driveway.

This time we about 4 miles from home and saw the furnace repair guy headed up the hill. Annoyed that he didn't call first but thankful that we saw him in time. At which point we all thanked Nana for forgetting the roast, which caused enough of a delay to cross paths with the furnace guy.

Now we head back the 4 miles (did I mention we were already 2 hours late at this point). Catch the furnace guy who is in a 2WD van without chains. Find him pulled over chaining up.

Back to the house. Unload all the food and reload it into my Pathfinder. I drive Carson and Nana and food to Aunt Liza's house. Jeremy and Poppa wait for the furnace guy . . . only to have the furnace miraculously turn itself on 4 minutes before kind furnace guy shows up. Seriously! What are the odds!!

Get to Liza's house and realize that we forgot one critical bag of food. Power forward.

In the end, have a LOVELY Christmas Eve with a scrumptious prime rib, out of this world mashed potatoes (new recipe which is now the ONLY recipe), and a rummy Rum cake!

Doing dishes is fun!
Especially when you get to wear gloves!Doing dishes sucks! So we're playing WII MarioKart!Getting ready to feast!Oh ya!
Santa's little elf handed out presents to all!
And helped open!
And is now the new chef!

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