Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with the Bride Tribe- Final of the Four!

And just like the movie "Four Christmases" which I LOVED, here is our final Christmas!

Jeremy's mom's side of the family is known as the Bride Tribe. All of us were present and accounted for on the Sunday after Christmas with the exception of Lori, Brian and Thomas who stayed home in sunny California. That's around 30 people!

Our drive to Salem was extra long this year due to a horrible tanker accident. In fact, most everyone got stuck in the traffic jam created by a tanker truck blowing up on the side of the freeway! At least we weren't the only ones late!

Lots of fun had by all!

Carson got to meet his second-cousin, Baby Ashlyn. She's adorable, quiet, and sleeps anywhere! We REALLY encouraged her parents to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of her portableness at age 3 months.
Proud grandparents . . . they caught him for a quick photo before he escaped. This kid does NOT sit still at celebrations.
Reading a book from Daddy's childhood collections. Grandmas are VERY good at saving EVERYTHING!
Oh boy! This is stylin'!!! Daddy is jealous!
Seriously! Could I be any cuter?
I outgrew my pack'n'play so Grandma Levy gave me my first sleeping bag!!

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