Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From Wolf to Woof- The World Forestry Center

Today Nana, Poppa, Carson and I headed to the World Forestry Center to check out the Wolf to Woof display. We discovered they also had many other fun displays and activities!

We planted seedlings!
We drove a tree picker.
Poppa practiced being a smoke jumper! He made it 23 meters from the target!Nana practiced being a smoke jumper . . . she landed in the fire!We all rode the rapids!
Then we checked out the W2W display! We all took turns learning what a hyena hears!
Carson thought we were nuts!
But it didn't stop us!
Finally curiosity got the better of him!We rode on a dinner train!And, Carson drove Nana & Poppa on an African safari!
Last but not least, Carson drove the train. Not Thomas but his BIG brother!

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