Sunday, December 21, 2008

THIRD post in one day . . . SNOWED IN videos

We are in the grips of serious cabin fever!! Here are some videos of the last few days.

First, video of the fam picking out Nana's new puppy. Even a litter of puppies wasn't enough to keep 2.5 year old Carson busy. So he entertained himself.

Next up, snowed in!

Up to his armpits in snow!

And then . . . Carson has three winter hats yet we couldn't find any of them. Seeing as it was only 22 degrees, we had to put one of my hats on him. It didn't work out so great.

Last but not least, the snow is over 2 feet deep. There is a thick layer of ice over the top. Carson is so light that he can stay on top of the ice for quite awhile until he breaks through. But once he does, it's too deep for a two year old!

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