Friday, December 26, 2008

Arctic Blast Day 13

We didn't watch the news this morning . . . apparently the forecast changed from rain to snow!! It's been snowing for the last 3-4 hours, on top of our 2-3 feet already!!

We lost power from Sunday night until Wednesday night. Out where we live in the country, no power also means no water, no heat, no nothin'!! So we packed up and shacked up with my parents. They have a diesel powered back-up generator which powers their furnace, well pump, and about 1/4 of their lights.

It was fun and funny at first but became less fun and more stressful as it got closer to Christmas. Jeremy and my dad would drive down each day for more fuel for the generators. We were running a small gas powered generator at our place to keep the well/pump house warm enough not to freeze and had a line going into our house that powered a small space heater and kept the fridge going so we wouldn't lose all our food.

Tuesday we started to get cabin fever really badly. We all piled into the Suburban (outfitted with chains of course) and went in to town. Hit Target and Red Robin for a dose of sanity. The line at Les Schwab was wrapped around the store, we decided to chance it with the ill-fitting chains.

The power came on for 3 hours on Monday night, giving us false hope that it would be on for good. Fortunately it was long enough for my mom to warm up enchiladas in the toaster oven. Unfortunately it went back out just as we sat down to eat. That made us realize that having Christmas Eve at my parents' was not an option.

We packed up the car with all the presents and food to head down to my sister's in town. The power came on for 10 minutes as we were leaving. But we didn't want to get our hopes up.

Fortunately, when we arrived home Christmas Eve, the power had come back on and has been on ever since. It was the best present Santa (and PGE's loyal workers) could have brought!

Day 9- This is no fun! No power makes it really cold We decided it was too cold to stay any longer.
So we decided to hike over to Nana's to warm up. Fortunately Carson still fit in the back pack!Still having fun at this point!The horses weren't too happy with the snow either! Their water buckets were freezing too quickly because their warmers didn't have any power.Power flickered back on so we decided to try heading home. But the snow and wind had picked up quite a bit so we had to bundle Carson up even more!Thank goodness for the back pack and a dedicated daddy!
And now here we are on Day 13 . . . snow is still falling! Jeremy's car is buried. I am busy trying to unbury it as a surprise for him while he's gone.
First I carved a path around it so I wouldn't hit it with the snow shovel.
Front of the house.
The mound of snow in the driveway.
Mailman stopped today to tell us he can't deliver the mail if he can't get to the box. The snow plows have created huge berms on the sides of the road. It took me awhile to get through the ice and snow chunks to clear a path to the box. Hopefully it's good enough!
Updated shot of the BBQ and heat pump. The icicles on the gutters are over three feet long! Scary looking!
Updated shot of the patio set.
Look closely, those are 4.5 foot tall fence posts across the street from us. Buried!
And last, our sitting stone is completely buried, as are our mini pre-lit Christmas trees. They glow at night underneath the snow.

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