Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bursting with Pride- Mommy's Glowing

Carson had his first dentist appointment last week. I thought it went very well and thought it was because his dental hygenist is a personal friend of mine dating back to the late '80's. She is a super sweet, gentle person and Carson loved her!

Well, she just emailed me and I am bursting with pride. Have to share what she wrote:

Before I let any more time go by, I wanted to tell you how adorable Carson was at his dental appointment. He is a doll and that is truly rare for a 2 year old to let us look in the mouth on the first visit...let alone polish teeth. You are a great mom and you must have done all the 'right' things to prepare him for his visit.

Debbie, you're the best! You just made my day!!!!

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