Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally, Updated Pictures!

Two adorable Carson images!

In addition to constantly wearing his goggles, Carson has a fascination with wearing my airplane sleep mask. It's almost always on his head and if he can't find it, "Mommy! Where's my mask??"

We drove down to visit Grandpa Rader in the hospital and Carson had it on in the car. Normally it's up on his forehead (or more recently, Uncle Ga taught him to wear it backwards like ski goggles). A lady at Arby's thought it was absolutely hilarious that he had it on while eating lunch and even commented, "Isn't that a sleep mask?" Fortunately she was a mother of two and understood completely.

The funniest part of the day came though on the way home. It was way past naptime and Carson was beyond exhausted. We pulled out our secret weapon (the binkie) and even that didn't work. So jokingly we told him to pull his eye mask down. Within two minutes, not a peep from the backseat. Sure enough, he had pulled his mask down and was out like a light!

Sometimes we don't listen to our gut, our instinct that screams, Just say no! My family invited me to the Home and Garden Show this weekend. Jeremy was out of town so against my better judgement, I agreed to go.

If you're wondering why I should've said no . . .

1) We weren't going to arrive to the show until 11:15- Carson naps at 12:30 and it's a 45 minute drive. That didn't allow much time to "shop".

2) Carson and I eat lunch at 11:30 - we were both starving and cranky.

And then we got there and 1. and 2. were only part of the larger disaster. Read on for more reasons why you should NEVER take a 2.5 year old to a large show.

3) I always see parents at the zoo who skipped the stroller and instead "drive" their children with the parent handle on the tricycle. It seemed like a great idea! Absolutely NOT a good idea.

First, he is so strong now that the parent handle was a complete joke. He counter-steered me at every straight away and corner.

4) It was beyond crowded! The parking lot of the expo center was completely full and shuttles were arriving every 3 minutes with more people. Picture an out of control tricycle in a mass of people.

5) My parents and Liza and Jeff were there to actually collect ideas and talk with company reps. That meant we didn't just cruise up and down every aisle collecting candy but instead stopped frequently. Not ideal for a 2.5 year old boy. And there wasn't a seat belt on the trike so he got off at every opportunity to run around.

6) At some point, the trike developed the LOUDEST, HIGHEST pitch Squeak (much more like a squeal). The cons, it was ear piercing, embarrassing, and people could hear us coming from about 30 feet away. The pro, people could hear us coming from about 30 feet away. We were no longer endangering tendons, knees, and toes with the trike. People actually cleared a path to let us through.

This is what they saw . . . . complete with Home Depot apron and Bob the Builder hat!

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