Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Binky Fairy is Coming!!!!

Last night at dinner, I mentioned to Carson that the Binky Fairy would be visiting soon. I explained that she would take his binkies and leave a present. He seemed somewhat skeptical.

I realized that I needed to REALLY emphasize the present part and went TOTALLY overboard in a matter of seconds.

Silly novice Binky Fairy promised Carson not only a REAL guitar but ALSO a Superman costume!!!

Before bedtime, Daddy had another talk with Carson about the impending visit. Carson began to buy into hook, line, and sinker. However he balked a tad when Daddy explained it wasn't just the bedtime binky but all the back-up binkies in the drawer AND the one he takes to Ian's on Mondays.

Yet low and behold, Carson came running out of his room this morning, binky in outstretched arm, shouting "Where's my TAR?!?!" (that's Carson for guitar).

I quickly jumped on board. "Tonight, Carson tonight!! She's coming with your guitar and Superman!! But she wants ALL of your binkies to give to the new babies."

He ran back into his room, gathered them all up, and we ceremoniously packed them in a little box. He decorated it and I addressed it to the Binky Fairy. He was VERY excited.

Then it hit me. Where on EARTH am I going to find a Superman costume in March?? Thank goodness for the year-round Halloween Superstore on Canyon Rd. One very odd looking blue and maroon polyester suit with cape left. $24.99

And thanks to the keen shopping memory of a mommy friend, she pointed me to Target for a real, strings and all, child-sized guitar. $29.99

I really, truly hope tonight goes well with the Binkie Fairy and that Carson forgets immediately that she is the most generous little winged creature around. She clearly is not related to the Tooth Fairy because I've heard she's a tightwad that only gives out dollar bills ;-)

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