Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting Out the Door

I barely made it out the door today with just one child . . . how on EARTH am I going to do it with two??

Carson spent the day with Nana since she is on spring break and he packed his "activity bag".

Here is the list of everything I packed, carried out the door, and PILED in the front seat of my car:

1. Diaper bag (monitor, noise maker, diaper for naptime and change of clothes)
2. Carson's lunch/snack bag
3. Carson's giant activity bag (even though he truly didn't need any of it-but insisted on it)
4. Carson's bike and helmet
5. Jackson, our dog
6. My briefcase
7. My lunch/snack bag
8. My purse
9. My "shower, make-up, hair stuff & work clothes" bag for after my morning work out
10. My jacket
11. Carson's jacket

UNREAL!!!! And to think I get to do it all over again this afternoon to bring him home.

1 comment:

  1. Or you could leave him there for the night....hehehehe....


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