Thursday, March 19, 2009


Carson has been potty trained for 4 months now. Then stupid me decided to try messing with his daily laxative. After hearing that one of Carson's little friends was down to a 1/2 dose a day, I thought, why not try it. Let's move from soft serve to ice cream, if you catch my drift. Firm things up a little.

Duh! Within days we started noticing "skid marks" in Carson's underpants. The skid marks became thicker and heavier until we realized he wasn't pooping on the potty but somehow things were just coming out on their own in a thick, grossssssss, paste.

By the time I realized I'd caused a problem, the only way to "un-do" it was to go back to 1 cap of laxative a day. Only it is very hard for a little body to make an adjustment like that. So once the "cork popped" so to speak, we then had liquid goo and juicy toots for three days. It was AWFUL!!! 4-5 pairs of underpants a day.

It all came to a head on Thursday. This is the day of the week when I have Carson and Ian. While Carson is potty trained, we were still dealing with the transition diarrhea. Ian is pee-pee potty trained but refuses to poop on the potty. Here's how it went down.

10:30- arrive at Out of this World with both boys

10:50- Carson runs over, "Mommy, me poopy"- think we've made it to bathroom in time but no. Remove nasty skid marked underpants and send him back out to play with only jeans on.

10:52- head out to car to get spare underpants. Stop Carson from going down the slide and put new underpants back on.

10:57- Wonder where Ian is. See him in "poop stance" hanging on to a rail with both fists clenched and a vacant look in his eyes. Run as fast as I can but it's too late. This time I get smart and grab new underpants from the car before we get to the bathroom. Scrape poo off for the second time that morning.

11:00- tax accountant calls with the grand total but then says, "I have to get one question answered and I'll call you right back.

11:02- Steaming hot pizza is picked up at window and as I'm setting it on the table, Carson runs up, "Mommy, me poopy".

11:03- Standing in bathroom with Carson and his underpants full of poo. Bag the nasty underpants and begin scraping off the bum. However this time it is everywhere from the backs of his knees to the toilet seat to the elastic band of his underpants. As he's bending over for me to clean him (with his head on the disgusting bathroom floor and me trying not to cuss) he says, "Mommy, me love you so much" Made it slightly easier to not want to return him to the stork. Once again let him head out just in jeans. Meanwhile wondering at what point accountant is going to call back and wishing pizza wasn't getting cold.

11:08- Run out to get more underpants, thank goodness Ian's parents pack multiple spares because I'd exhausted my meager supply. Accountant calls. Pizza is now cold beyond the point of cheese solidifying.

11:10- It's a good thing the pizza place doesn't serve beer because this pregnant woman might have downed a pint at this point!!!!!!!!!!

Update as of Saturday: I think we've worked out the poopy kinks of messing with Miralax doses. I would highly recommend to NEVER do it unless your doctor or pharmacist has advised it. Today we're back to occasional skid marks with the majority of the the poo making it into the potty. YAY

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