Sunday, March 15, 2009

Give and Ye Shall Receive . . . My Preggo Loot

I broke down yesterday (with Jer's permission) and purchased my wildly fantisized after SEVEN MATERNITY Jeans!!! So excited and so happy that I didn't go the eBay route. I ended up being two sizes different in the regular length pants and will have to have them hemmed but they fit way better than the first petite pair I tried on. I am in Seventh Heaven (pun intended ;-) Can't wait to get them back from the alternations people at Nordy's!

I am reaping the good karma I bestowed by lending out my preggo clothes. My equally generous friends are now lending me clothes at an astonishing rate! A huge thank you to all of you! Abbie, Michele, Melissa, and Tasha!!

This morning I performed what we like to call "fashion show" at our house. I tried on each and every piece of maternity wear and meticulously labeled them (in hidden spots of course) so as to get them back to their rightful owners. Carson couldn't help himself and got into the act as well! I should have snapped some pictures for blackmail during his senior prom. Nothing like a two year old boy in a maternity blouse!

So now I am ready to get bigger in style! The only thing I'll (in theory anyway) have to shop for are short and some skirts to keep cool this summer. That isn't to say I won't stop shopping completely ;-)

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