Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flippers Finally!

Carson is taking swim classes at Children of the Sea. The instructors are amazing and he is learning so quickly. He doesn't love going under water (totally a side affect of my genetic phobia of water & fish) but he doesn't have a choice.

Here is a clip of "under wa-wa" as he says.

Arm floaties are usually used once during class to help the kids discover their own buoyancy. This class (our 3rd or 4th), Carson graduated to the larger floaties that aren't locked in place on his bicep. These force him to take more control over his arms. In this game, the kids swim around collecting toys to put back in the teacher's bucket. If you look closely, he has one in each hand but is still aiming for a third.

Last (and long due to the fact that I don't have editing software) is Carson "swimming" with his brand new goggles and flippers. He is in SEVENTH HEAVEN! It's all he's talked about for the first 3 lessons, "slippers" and "goggas". He finally got them both and was the only kid to leave the goggles on for the entire lesson.

Keaton Update: Keaton is kicking hard enough now for Daddy to feel it for the first time last night. Very exciting for Daddy.

Keaton is somewhere around 12-13 ounces right now. Hard to believe that he's probably going to grow another 8 pounds in the next 5 months. I'm going to be HUGE once again!

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