Monday, April 27, 2009

NO WAY to the Empire Waist

I love shopping. I love shopping with my husband even more because (at the risk of outing him), he is a 1st rate style guy (metro is the appropriate term) and always knows exactly what I should buy. But when it comes to maternity clothes, I have to have "slim" fit tops. I just can't stand the empire waist!!!

We have two weddings coming up in the next two weeks and I was desperately searching for something to wear. I exhausted all possibilities at two high end maternity stores. Everything made me look HUGE from all angles. I am one of the lucky preggos that smuggles the basketball so I really hate looking huge when I don't have to. Lucky, but I also work out 4-5 days a week and don't eat for two.

On the verge of a breakdown, I dragged Jeremy into my absolute most favorite store in the world, White House Black Market. I explained my dire circumstances to the saleswomen.

"Dress my bump ladies!" was my plea. And they jumped into action! Flying around the store, throwing dress after dress, skirts and shirts into the dressing room with incredible accuracy.

I'm not kidding when I save everything single thing I tried on looked amazing!! I could have bought one of each and maxed out our credit card bill in 10 minutes flat!

Then I tried on THE outfit! It fit every curve, hid every unflattering section, and looked like it was made just for me. I told everyone, STOP, this is the ONE! But everyone was so energized, the dresses kept coming!

I ended up with two gorgeous outfits that are even in my normal size so the best part is that I get to wear them even after I am bump-free. Thank God for today's accomodating styles and the wonderful saleswomen at Black/White!

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