Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Follies

We trek to Bend every President's Day weekend for our annual "Broken Top" vacation. Aptly named for the beautiful gated golf community in which we stay with two other couples.

This vacation started out as a drink lots, ski lots, eat lots, and hot tub late weekend back 7-8 years ago. As the years have flown by, we've added a child almost every year and it is now a drink less, no skiing, still eat lots, try to stay up for hot tubbing vacation. 5.5 kids later!

But it's still a lot of fun and the kids make the trip very exciting to say the least. This year we had to postpone it for various health reasons but discovered that entertaining 5 kids is a LOT easier and more fun with gorgeous sunny weather! We biked, played in the park, and swam in the pool non-stop. Carson absolutely LOVED all the older boys and picked up more than enough new tricks and words. Poop is now a favorite word :-)

A Superhero on the way to Bend!

Mealtime mahem! More teeter-totter please!
Trying to hide that tummy!
Pool time!
Noodle me!
Kiddie pool . . . freezing cold . . . whose poor planning was that?!
Goggles, borrowed and necessary!
Two good boys stopping at the white line for cars!Trying to get all 5 to hold still and smile was no small feat!All of us minus Dan (he was golfing). I'll have to scan in the original photo from the first year for fun!

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