Saturday, May 30, 2009

Preggo Update- Bigger by the Day

As I sit here typing away at 25 weeks pregnant (15 weeks to go), Keaton is busy trying to kick his way out.

Monday of this past week was a bit of a milestone. I suddenly am feeling much more pregnant. Sleeping is getting more and more uncomfortable. I stiffen up like a 90-year-old if I stay too long in one position. Eating meals, I'm stuffed after just a half portion. No heartburn yet so that makes me very happy!

But the hardest part for me is the difference in my daily work-out. Fiercy competitive, I am finding myself in the back of the pack at Boot Camp, which just frustrates the heck out of me. Yes, I know I am pregnant and this is just part of the adventure but I am also entitled to bitching about it.

I partly attribute it to the heat as well. It's been ridiculously hot here in Portland and even a non-preggo me does not like working out in hot weather. I'm still running but now if feels like my legs are filled with heavy, wet sand.

I'm trying out several "belly cradles" as my bump is now putting too much pressure on my bladder and other innards during running. These contraptions are reminicsent of torturous girdles but I will say the second one I tried really did help. Just picture me with a giant white ace bandage holding up my rapidly expanding girth.

For those who followed my pregnancy blog with Carson, you know I agonized for months over the PERFECT crib bedding. In the end, my mom and I made it. Baby #2: all of two days of casual shopping and DONE.

Did I luck out and find the perfect bedding right away or is baby #2 just a simpler, less stressful event? Maybe a bit of both. Amazon will be dropping it on my doorstep in a few days.

I decided to wait until a month before Keaton is due to prepare the nursery. Dismantling our office is a low priority and hopefully by then we'll have an ETA on a start date for our addition. But then at Boot Camp this week, several moms warned me not to wait and regaled me with their bed rest and early delivery stories. It didn't take long to convince me. Two months it is. Funny considering at this point with Carson, I already had the nursery ready, with four months left to go.

24 Weeks with Carson
24 Weeks with Keaton
25 weeks with Carson- Arizona "Babymoon"
24 weeks with Keaton- Bend vacation

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