Monday, June 15, 2009

It goes WHERE?

In my quest for an epidural-free birth for Keaton, I am reading all of the natural childbirth books that I can get my hands on. Even signed us up for a pain management class.

This morning I explained to Jeremy one of the preparation techniques I need to practice.

It requires holding an ice cube for one minute intervals and learning to breathe through the pain.

Jeremy looked absolutely horrified. He gulped and choked out, "You mean in THERE!" while gesturing awkwardly at his crotch.

I peed myself laughing at his visual imagery and sheer terror.

Fortunately, the options were simply holding in my hand, on my wrists, or behind my ears.


Most people start a pool as to when the baby will be born, what day, what time or perhaps how much it will weigh.

I think Jeremy is secretly starting a pool for whether I make it all the way without an epidural. It may involve even evolve into how many centimeters dilation I can get through or perhaps how many hours of labor.

I made it through a marathon, and I made it to 8 cm dilated while receiving an epidural (meaning I had to hold completely still for 30 minutes while they inserted a needle into my spine while I was contracting). I'm going for the gold. What are you betting?

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