Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stalling Tactics

Carson has always been an amazing sleeper. From the very beginning he would fall asleep easily and sleep through the night. Naps are still 2-3 hours a day. I LOVE it. I am also totally freaked out that it's a fluke and Keaton is going to be the complete opposite.

But I digress.

Here is our new issue. After his usual two stories, I kiss Carson good night and leave. Wait six minutes and we hear, "MOMMY me have to go pee-pee!"

The first time it happened we were excited. Didn't think about the fact that he might be stalling, just gave him credit for not wetting the bedtime pull-up. Duh. Stupid first time parents.

The second time it happened we started to see the light.

"Mommy, me have to pee-pee."
10 minutes later.
"Mommy, me have to poo-poo." (Rock, paper, scissors on this one . . . Daddy won).
10 minutes later.
"Mommy, me have a big booooger on my finger!!"---- But sure enough not only was there a giant booger on his finger but another smeared across his face.

Enough is enough.

Valid excuses are one thing. But it is now to the point where he comes out wearing a sly smile and waving coyly to the parent on the couch (the one who won rock, paper, scissors), dribbles a few drops into the toilet, shrugs his shoulders and comments, "Just a little bit".

As I type this, he's had to pee three times in the last 15 minutes. It has gone from a full stream, to a decent sized squirt, to three clear (and very forced) drops. We're sitting here on the couch betting on what he can come up with next.

So to the experienced moms reading this, PLEASE email me and tell what on earth I'm supposed to do.

I hate to deny him and make him pee in his pull-ups. But on the other hand, how do I know when it's real and when it's just a stalling tactic?

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