Monday, June 22, 2009

One Million Questions and Still Going

OMG- We are fully immersed in one of the more tortuous milestones of childhood.

The Question Phase.

One question, when does it end?????????????????

All day long, the questions never stop coming.

Some are easy. Most lead to others. Some are un-answerable which causes fits of rage and always leads to the question, "Member Mommy! You have to member!" (apparently I'm supposed to remember and know where everyone is driving to . . .)

But we are still enjoying his fantastic sense of humor!!

Couple of pics from the last few weeks!

Last day of swim class, water safety night!

Father & son cleaning the "Gator" tires!
Prepping for the new traction bands to make the Gator drive better!
It's "jammie & action figure day" at school! He couldn't be happier! I got him his very first Batman action figure and Superman jammies with a real cape!
Thomas the Train day in Hood River. Sir Topham Hat wasn't very friendly. Petting zoo at Thomas the Train!
We loved the baby goats!
Very fun hay bale maze!
Daddy playing around with the camera!
Blurry but cute!
Cutie Pa-tootie!
Coy and cute!

And last but not least, Keaton update. Not much to report other than I am feeling and looking more and more pregnant by the day! Eating is pretty lame because I can only fit a third the amount of food in my tummy since it's squished up against my ribs. I'm up 12 pounds (compared to 20 pounds with Carson) at 28 weeks. Interestingly though, my tummy is about the same size.
I'm starting to get a bit more antsy about transforming our office to a nursery. Just in case (God forbid) I get stuck on bed-rest or deliver early, I don't want to be caught not ready!
28 weeks with Keaton
28 weeks with Carson


  1. Hey, Kristin - isn't the question phase fun? Have you tried "what you you think...?" with Carson? It works great with Ian. ("Where is the airplane going to?" "Where do you think it's going?" "It's going to grandma's house!")

    Good luck; just remember that it's the smart kids are the most challenging. ;)

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    With your outfit and tummy looking exactly like you did with Carson, it is fascinating to look at the foliage out your bedroom window, showing the seasonal change and timing of Keaton's September vs July arrival date!
    luv, ym/Nana


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