Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cutest Cowboy in the whole World

This weekend found us in Sunriver for our 3rd annual Prineville Rodeo for the Stahancyk, Kent, Johnson, & Hook Party. We are lucky enough to be friends with the "Hook" partner of this law firm.

The 3 day weekend was fantastic! Super relaxing, the kids all played wonderfully together, the weather allowed us to hang out at the pool, and we ate like champs! Each of the kids took turns having a rough sleep night so we all suffered equally. Nothing like traveling to throw off a 3 year old's schedule!

Family pic at the rodeo pre-party
Time to mount up!
Even cowboys get time-out once in awhile!
More horse riding- notice the rodeo wave he has going on!
Check out my super cool sticker!
And more riding!
Checking out the bronc riders!
Very, very hot bleachers (felt like we were in an oven) but two happy cowboys!
Bumping knuckles with the Army guy!
Pool time! Those lessons are really paying off!
Oh Daddy! You're so silly!
Why should I take my mask off??
Super fast bike rider! Still a HUGE fan of the LikeABike!
The three little rascals celebrating Andrew's 3rd birthday
Chipping away at a "dinosaur egg" buried in "rock"
Always time to read
And more pool time! Loving the water!
See ya next year!Oh, and Baby Keaton had a good time too!
I am getting EXPONENTIALLY bigger!!! Shockingly bigger! Uncomfortably bigger. 29 weeks and counting.

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