Tuesday, June 02, 2009

World's Most Expensive Fun

Aiyiyi having fun can be expensive! If the Portland Rose Festival can suck $85 out of you in less than 3 hours, I can only imagine what it costs to take a family to Disneyland!!!

It was a TON of fun though! Carson was a bit nervous at first but warmed up quickly and tried all of the rides except for one. We blew through the first $20 ticket package and being the doting parents we are, ran to buy another $20 package, and then $4 more after that :-)

Carson insisted on wearing his "moo gloves" and wouldn't take them off until the canoe ride. He was absolutely exhausted by the time we finished and had to ride on Daddy's shoulders back to the parking garage. Mommy got in big trouble for "forgetting" to bring the stroller. I hate toting that thing around empty and keep hoping we won't need it... but inevitably we do at the end of each outing. A nearly 3 year old gets tired, refuses to walk a step further, and then all 34 pounds of him has to be carried back. Ugh!

The "Moo" gloves

Stupid me mentioned there might be motorcycles. Carson wouldn't go on any other ride until he found a motorcycle. Thank GOD we found them!
Solo airplane pilot!Moo gloves are now driving glovesYup, he's in there all by himself next to a sweet girl. All the parents stood on the ground praying not to hear any frantic screaming when the two children realized how high they were!
World's LAMEST canoe ride. Don't waste your money!
This construction truck deserved two whole rides!
Finally at the very end, Carson agreed to ride the roller coaster. This was a HUGE accomplishment since the "incident" last summer when Nana scared the BEJEZUS out of Carson with her out-of-control screaming on the Oaks Park coaster. It was a good thing he liked it (thanks to Daddy's smiles and support) because they got a free extra ride on it.
And finally it's time to go home, happy as a clam!

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