Thursday, June 04, 2009

Carson's Graduation Ceremony

I must start by saying we LOVE LOVE LOVE Carson's pre-school/daycare. We were blessed with the amazing luck of connecting with Carson's Clubhouse. The name in itself was a huge sign but we had no idea what amazing care and education Carson would receive.

The director, Sherrie, is always going above and beyond the call of duty and tonight was the perfect example. In spite of a crazy thunderstorm that cut power to half the city, a wind storm that closed roads, and a flat tire on the way to the party, "Nana" as the kids call her, hosted a graduation party at Out of This World for all of her kids.

Complete with grad caps, diplomas, and framed grad pictures, the ceremony also featured the Pledge of Allegiance in two languages, several songs, pizza, and cake.

Graduation you ask? Yes, Carson's class of four kids graduated from the "2's Class" to the "3's Class".

As new parents did we prepare for this event? Not even close. Didn't pack the fancy camera. Didn't even think about grabbing the video camera. Duh! Thank goodness for my purse cam!

Diplomas for all!
The Grads
Our graduate!

Nana Sherrie and our graduate leading the procession up the stairs
The Pledge of Allegiance Graduation hand-shake
The "graduating" moment

The table of graduates
The Cake!

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